ELTE Faculty of Humanities

Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) is a pioneering Hungarian public research university based in Budapest. Founded in 1635, ELTE is one of the culturally richest and most prestigious universities of Hungarian higher education.


The university is organised into eight faculties, located throughout Budapest and on the scenic banks of the Danube, The Faculty of Humanities is the oldest, as well as largest faculty of the university, offering an globally-competitive educational portfolio. The Faculty prepares young professionals to become opinion-shaping members of the society, who will participate in the highest quality of education in East-Central Europe and attain a position that enables them to broaden their intellectual horizons, shape the future, and better understand the network of connections among the languages, cultures and civilizations of the world.


The Faculty of Humanities accommodates growing numbers of Persian students, both transfer students and those applying directly from Iran. Iranian students are acknowledged for their intellect, excellent conduct, diligence, and ability to adapt easily. Teaching and non-teaching staff as well as the always curious and friendly Hungarian students will do their best to make the Faculty your second home. All you need to do is to move in.