McDaniel College



McDaniel College Budapest offers a number of dynamic major programs, from art history, business, and communication, to political science and psychology—a variety of majors for a variety of students. And McDaniel College is flexible: you can enter our program as undecided, sample a number of different courses, and then choose your major based on what you prefer. In addition, if you decide you would like to pursue a major different than the one you started, you can change majors—all of the credits you have earned remain on your record, and no time is lost for graduation. Finally, some of our majors can be pursued in combined dual major programs—art-communication, business-economics—that combine the best features of more than one major program in order to give students more options after graduation.

Duration of Studies 8 Semesters
Application Deadline August 15, 2018 
Starting Date September, 2018
Tuition Fee € 3.600/ semester
Degree Awarded by McDaniel College of US
Work Placement Available YES
Study Abroad Available YES
Campus Budapest
Admission Criteria High School Graduation
Language of Tuition English
1st and 2nd year EUR 3,600 /semester*
3rd and 4th year EUR 3,900 /semester*
Books approx. EUR 300/semester