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There are several kinds of accommodation alternatives in Hungary but the cheapest one should be a dormitory belonging to the students’ homes section of the university you attend. One advantage is that it is cheap, it is an easy way of making friends and it provides you with the facility of regular partying.


In the other hand, renting an apartment is a more feasible option if you prefer privacy. You can rent a room at about HUF 80,000 a month. But renting a whole flat is also an option to follow. It is more expensive but a flat share will reduce your costs. We are talking about HUF 95,000–HUF 150,000 a month plus overhead. We do our best to find a suitable location for you.

Finding a good location, close to university would be challenging but not impossible and if you ask our help we will do our best to make you happy with the best offers in the rental market in Budapest.




best available options

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